2 year OGR-28 anniversary update! NIEUWE CLIENT

De projecten RC5 en OGR samen onder 1 noemer.

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2 year OGR-28 anniversary update! NIEUWE CLIENT

Bericht door Witlof » do feb 25, 2016 12:59 pm

Zie blogpost: https://blogs.distributed.net/2016/02/2 ... /mikereed/

Dear friends,

We’re happy to announce a new client software version, 2.9112.521, for all major operating systems. These are available on the pre-release page: https://www.distributed.net/Download_prerelease. We would be happy for you to check them out and give us your feedback! Among the improvements are better GPU support, OpenCL on more platforms, and a new AVX2 core for RC5-72 contributed by Yasuhiro Katsui which runs 3.6x faster than the previous code. If you find any issues, please report them to us at https://bugs.distributed.net/. We expect to move the build 521 clients to release status after a short time.

As of this writing, we have just passed the second anniversary of the OGR-28 project. With over 36,000 contributors from around the world, we have completed more than 14% of the work necessary to prove the Optimal Golomb Ruler with 28 marks. You can track our progress on https://stats.distributed.net/, where we’ve recently restored the popular keyrate graphs, which show changes in our network’s speed over time. This one is for OGR-28: https://stats.distributed.net/keyrate.php?project_id=28

As you might have noticed above, many of our websites are also now available via https. Feel free to update your bookmarks.

We are grateful for all of your contributions. Please tell your friends about our projects, and watch those keyrate graphs go up!

De pre-release is hier terug te vinden: https://www.distributed.net/Download_prerelease

Ik heb al een aantal clients geupdate. Ben benieuwd naar de snelheid of er nog wat verbetering in zit of niet.

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Re: 2 year OGR-28 anniversary update! NIEUWE CLIENT

Bericht door [DB]OB1 » ma feb 29, 2016 11:12 pm

Jezus zeg die sites zien er niet uit :P zelfs ik kan nog betere site maken... en updaten? mhmm gebruik het toch niet echt meer.. 't zal wel.

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