De zoektocht naar het grootste priemgetal is begonnen.

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Bericht door Witlof » di mei 15, 2007 1:04 pm

Dat was de titel van een nieuwsbericht op de website van SoB. Dit was de rest van de tekst:
19249 * 2^13018586 + 1 is prime!!!! SB has done it again, discovering a new largest ever non-Mersenne prime. This latest result was submitted at 00:33 EST on March 26th by Konstantin Agafonov, a member of team TSC! Russia. Konstantin is from Korolev, Russia where he works as a systems administrator for a construction company.

Before joining SB, Konstantin participated in other DC projects like Find-a-Drug, where he was the 5th largest overall contributor! Konstantin says he has used up to 100 computers on SB. This particular prime was found on one of his 3GHz Pentium 4s running Windows.

To read more about the discovery, check out the official Press Release.

Thanks to all our dedicated number crunching volunteers... some of whom have been crunching for five years now! Every one of you helped make this discovery possible! Congratulations and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Bron: http://www.seventeenorbust.com/

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Bericht door Totalmind » wo mei 16, 2007 11:30 am

7 to go! _/-\o_
With a collective mind, people can figure out any problem!

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